About Music Ally

Music Ally has been making music since 2017. His journey started when he was young and wrote mostly pop and R&B songs in his notebook. He has over 5 notebooks filled with songs and sorts. in 2019, he joined the popular Hip-Hop site, RapPad (rappad.co) and dabbled in writing rap songs. in 2020 and 2021, he got even more popular for his many projects including, Pure Energy (ft. Goatz), Bad Messages (ft. Person), Truth Hurts, and many others. in 2020 as well, he started Rap It Out, a music podcast for all musicians and musical talent to join on to talk about their life, production processes, and what it takes to live in the industry. Currently, the show has almost 300 episodes with most views averaging about 300-600 views. Rap It Out is currently overgoing an improvement project called Lets Make It Stronger to tackle issues and make sure all voices are heard and improvements and changes are met. In addition, he did a concert series from 2021-2022 with Engimatic Electronics Records via YouTube.