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Started in 2020, our mission is to explore the lives of talented musicians and get to know their lives, and promote them!

Rap It Out is a music podcast hosted by Musically. Join us as we dive into the lives of musicians, rappers, singers, songwriters, music producers, and talented individuals in the music industry. Discover their musical journey and the hard work it took to reach their dreams. With Rap It Out, artists from all backgrounds have a platform to promote their music, share their stories, and showcase their talent!


Grow your musical resume by gaining experience, chatting with our host about your discography, and learning about the behind-the-scenes of music as an art. According to most listeners and artists alike, being on here grows your social media and guarantees more views and connect.

Our Development & Processes

Push and direction. Most interviews are viewed by over 200 individuals so you are guaranteed to have fans or even just to start somewhere. Plus, all interviews are heavily researched from blogs, reviews, websites, social media, and listening platforms, etc. Once an episode is released, everyone gets promoted on over 15 different podcast platforms and social websites. An very professional post-worthy image to spread the word and promote. The release schedule is set to change but usually within a month to 3 months. Finally we are always changing and improving, and we guarantee 100 percent of changes to make sure this show is a success.


Free scheduling through Calendly. Once the artist is scheduled, they either meet on Discord ( or on Microsoft Teams. Rescheduling is always welcome and the times are very much flexible. Setting up a time to do an episode usually takes about 5-10 to fully complete the form to make things easier to proceed.

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DOWNLOAD THE SHOW. ANY TIME. ANYWHERE. ANY DAY. This show is global. Listen to the show on all major platforms including Spotify, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Amazon, Deezer, Google, etc.

Much appreciated to these organizations for assisting in making Rap It Out an even better show and giving us such valuable resources and tools for improvement.

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MTS Management Group

MTS Management is more than just an artist management is a bonafide rock star in the music industry. Specializing in full-service artist management, publicity and promotions, and social media campaigns, MTS Management is on the cutting edge of today's new music business.


Back in 2018, Enigmatic Electronic Entertainment was a pipe dream between best friends. Looking towards the future, creating an entertainment company centering around a Hip Hop Record Label and Radio Station was the foundation of our plan.


Contact us with our website form. Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. If you ever need to reach out to me, you may do so by email: [email protected] or if you are on social media, direct messages are avaliable. My Instagram account is @theofficialrapitoutpodcast, My twitter is @RapItOutPodcast, and my discord username is music_ally.

'I love the Raw and real interviews with a lot of new artists'

 jotarras (from Spain)

'That’s so true! Even I’ve written rap songs and I can relate.'

Rashterfur from Romania

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